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How to safely visit the links listed on the Hidden Wiki?

Protect your identity by using Tor - download the browser here.
There is another way of accessing onion websites but it's not as safe as using tor browser alone. It's called a proxy, basically it's a bridge between your Chrome browser let's say and Tor and there are many option. You just need to ad .ws, .ly, .to at the end of a specific onio link. Again, we don't recommend going that way to access hidden wiki or any other tor website, we're just bringing you to knowledge how all this works.

Can I also visit the hidden wiki from my smartphone?

Not long ago you could only access the hidden wiki via your personal computer or laptop using tor browser. As of last year, the privacy focused web surfig software has come up with a version for both Android and Apple IOS platforms and both can be downloaded from your app manager. For android you should download Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure, allways make sure it's created and listed by The Tor Project a non profit organisation which allways provided it for free so you can safely visit your favourite links on the hidden wiki.
For IOS be on the lookout for Onion Browser 17+ Secure, anonymous web with Tor, the original open source version constantly updated and verified by the community.
Tor is the most crucial part of the vast onion galaxy so we should all consider donating their organisation as privacy is getting more and more treatened by means of surveillance beyond our imagination from governments. At the moment it's one of the few powerful tools to fight censorship, to allow us to better understand the world we live in and to understand how large entities are trying to control us for their own benefit.

Can I edit the hidden wiki?

As when it was first launched, the hidden wiki can be edited by anyone. It might take a while untill you can edit important pages, you might need to demonstrate your contribution is valuable for the website and the community but yes, almost anyone can edit it.

Why do we need The Hidden Wiki?

Its history is a troubled one because the platform is the very gate for the hidden world so naturally there were attemts by individuals or groups including the authorities to control or shut it down. It started as a means to communicate with other users and share what the onion ecosystem had to offer best and that is mainly goods and services. Every important website's link was listed under the hidden wiki, darknet markets, individual sellers of drugs and stollen credit card data, hacking software and guides, forums and chat rooms for private conversations and even hit man for hire. So it was and still is a crucial part of the underground world and it's constantly updated and edited by it's users. The conclusion is that the hidden wiki and the url's listed there are the backbone of the community and each new individual looking to browser or use the deep web for it's own purposes must firstly stop at the hidden wiki to make sure he gets the proper guidance and proper link to services added by others.

Is Crypto and Bitcoin a important tool for deep web?

In a way Bitcoin, Tor and The Hidden Wiki were born out of similar fundamentals and views of the surrounding evolution of our social enviroment. Groups of entities and governments arround the world control almost every aspect of our lives and the financiar part is playing a huge role in that as 80% of the world population is poor because they want us to be poor so they can hold the leash on our lives. When the 2008 financiar crysis hit the world, a large part of hard working population was the one that was worst affected as living from paycheck to paycheck was not longer possible because jobs were lost. Bitcoin was born as a solution to this complex issue, it's founder ,,Satoshi Nakamoto'' wanted the world to be free of their control by using a financial system controlled by the people, descentralized and grown by everyone and 10 years later we can all say he did a great job as he came up with the greatest financial revolution the world has ever seen. You can use bitcoin when buying something from a seller on The hidden wiki and banks cannot possible know you did that. All the links on the hidden wiki accept bitcoin or some other type of safe crypto as they are the only known money exchance means known to human so far. Hidden wiki was born to keep you anonymous while you are using services or buying goods your goverment does not want you to because you're not ,,following the herd'' and accepting what they serve you, Bitcoin was born to facilitate you pay for those services, or to transfer money to your family at very low cost, instantly and whenever you want, to protect your wealth by investing in it and Tor was born to hide your true beliefs from others trying to forcefully make you ignore what you trully want and do what you're told to. All of them are here tp help create a censorship free world and help us evolve the natural way.

Mixer or direct bitcoin transfer?

Bitcoin is clearly a safe means of ,,handing'' someone, definitely safer than paypal, bank transfers, Western union etc as it is designed to protect individual's privacy much better than those services which have to comply with so many KYC (know your customer) policies but blockchain (the public data base where each bitcoin transaction is registered to, a action which is irreversible), blockchain forensigs techniques have greatly evolved this past years so IF they really want to trace your money they could do that, of course you would have to used your bank or card to purchase the bitcoins so they could tie that specific bank account to a name so this question arrises, should I ,,clean'' my coins before I use them? That depends on the purpose of your transfer, if you're planning to purchase something not so legal then yes but if you're just an average user then you are good to go transfering the coins directly once you've purchased them.